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Charola vacia


Our goal and mission are based on our efforts to meet and exceed your expectations, in helping you to enjoy your holidays without failing in the Kashrut and getting your order the way you want it, the day you need it.

To achieve this, it is important to take into consideration our terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions apply to all orders placed with Kosher To Travel by Shouly`s. Whether these are placed on our website, email, phone, in person or otherwise.

Once your order has been confirmed, no returns or cancellations are permitted.If you need to change a dish, you need to contact Kosher to travel to see the availability of dishes and the possibility to change it.

We are not responsible for the bad management of the food once it reaches its destination. It is very important to alert the hotel / person responsible for picking up the food to give the proper maintenance to ensure freshness and quality. Likewise we are not responsible if they refuse to accept the package.

We deliver the highest quality in every product, if at any point we feel we can not use an ingredient (for health, hygiene or do not meet our standards), we will remove that ingredient without further notice. If an order can not be fully completed, Kosher to Travel will contact you to edit your order.

All photos displayed in our website were taken by Kosher to Travel. These are not accurate in size, volume, number, color, or form. They serve only as a reference for the customer.