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Charola vacia


- Kosher To Travel by Shouly’s sends Kosher food upon request everywhere in México.

- To make a purchase, choose the products you want to buy, send them to your cart, fill out the required information and proceed to pay. We suggest you to read our Terms and Conditions.

- We encourage you to create and account, so we can save your information and notify you of future promotions or special events.

- You can pay by credit card through Pay Pal, cash or bank transfer; for the last two options please contact us by phone or e-mail.

- The prices shown do not include the cost of shipping, this will be calculated once you have chosen the destination as well as the quantity and weight of the food.

- The total cost will be notified once you proceed to checkout.

- All our meals are prepared with fresh and natural ingredients. They are also frozen before sending to ensure the preservation of the food. Upon arrival to their final destination, the dishes must remain in a refrigerator to ensure quality and freshness.

- All our food comes with a double wrap as dictated by our Kashrut laws. This enables the heating of the food in ovens, electric grills or plates without concerns. (Even if those heating objects haven´t been submerged to the Tebila)

- Products that do not need to be heated as salads, pastries and cold dishes, will not be packaged twice.

- The Parve products may be eaten with meat or dairy dishes. Mixing fish dishes with dairy products is up to each client according to their costume.

-  In every dish you will see specified the portion that comes with it. Some things come by piece, by number of people or weight. Carefully select the amount of food that you need. We recommend ordering the quantities needed for each meal and not what you need in total; for example, if you need rice for two different nights, order two trays of rice of the quantity you need for every night, do not ask for a bigger order and divide.

- Ordering your meals on time allows us to ensure its success. We recommend ordering between 7-10 days earlier. We also cover orders within 24 hours in advance, which are subject to availability. Please contact via mail or phone in such cases.

- It is VERY IMPORTANT to contact the hotel or the person in charge of  picking up of the food and ask them to refrigerate the package upon arrival. We will do the same thing.

- We do not send food on Shabbat.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you