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Charola vacia


Q- Who cooks the food?

R- Shouly's Company handles all the production of Kosher to Travel.

Q- What kind of Kashrut do you have?

R-Kosher Maguen David, the Tehudat with more recognition in Mexico

Q- Can I make my order by phone?

R- Sure, the contact number is (011 5255) 55

Q- How do you ship the food to the destination?

R- We ship everything by plane with our partner Pack to Go

Q-How do you package the food?

R- It comes double packed to meet the requirements of Kashrut.

Q- How should I heat the food?

R- Since the food comes with double packaging, it can be heated in any oven (even if it belongs to a non jewish). You can also use an electric grill or plata. If you have the necessary cookware, you can pour the food in glass containers and microwave (ask your rabbi for specific instructions). In hotels that have an agreement with Kosher to travel, they will heat and serve the food when needed.

Q- How does the food arrive?

R- The food arrives frozen.

Q- Where ine Mexico do you ship?

R- Kosher To Travel reaches every place in México.

Q- How long does it take the food to get to it´s destination?

R- Kosher To Travel needs 24 hours to send the food.

Q- That means I can order my food one day before ...?

R- That means that we have the capacity to send food in 1 day, but ordering your food in advance allows us to ensure its success. We recommend ordering between 7-10 days earlier.

Q- What if I do not get the order?

R- Please contact by mail or phone to solve your problem.

Q- Can I pay on delivery?

R- No. The payment methods are:

- Credit card

- Transfer

- Payment at office

Q- The food includes dishes / flatware / disposable cups?

R-Not for the moment.